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It is something inherent to us, it is something innate that makes us take action and we cannot avoid it. The quest for the new, the constant pursuit of change, to try to make possible what seems impossible.


It seems to be an invisible strength that pushes and makes us move. It makes us question everything, always rowing upstream trying to rip it up and start again; a better way to do things. Other generations will never understand us, nor past nor future ones. They say we are crazy, lazy. They say we are just a group of people doing things for the sake of it.


That is why we stay together, searching for innovation, innovating for change, learning to succeed. Yes, we do things, but no by force of habit, we do because it is the point where the process finishes and the good starts. It is what opens us the circumstances and generates change. 


We are MILL, a comprehensive management and communication consultancy. Or as we like to call ourselves: a group of professionals that are part of a generation that generates.

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